How to Properly Dispose of Waste on the Trail

You might occasionally ignore a no-trespassing sign or climb a rock you probably shouldn’t. However, there is one rule you should never ignore when you’re hitting the trails, and that is leaving no trace. Disposing of waste properly is one of the most important things you need to do when enjoying the great outdoors. Whether […]

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4 Hiking Tips and Tricks for the Beginner
hiking tips and tricks for the beginner by a lake in the mountains

Hiking Tips and Tricks to Set You Up for Success Set Goals Setting clear and practical goals before hitting the trails is a major element to making your experience fulfilling. When planning your hike, tailor it to your specific fitness level and personality. Read online reviews and rankings of trail difficulties and highlights ahead of […]

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Hiking for Beginners: 6 Tips to Get You Started
hiking for beginners woman in green valley

Hiking for Beginners: 6 Tips to Get You Started So, you want to get into hiking? Cool. Hiking is an amazing way to promote physical and psychological well-being and work toward being your healthiest self. It’s one of only a few activities that allows you to connect with nature, unplug from everyday life, and get […]

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