hiking tips and tricks for the beginner by a lake in the mountains

Hiking Tips and Tricks to Set You Up for Success

Set Goals

Setting clear and practical goals before hitting the trails is a major element to making your experience fulfilling. When planning your hike, tailor it to your specific fitness level and personality. Read online reviews and rankings of trail difficulties and highlights ahead of time.

Some examples of goals might be to hike to a point in the trail with a scenic view, to maintain a certain speed throughout, or to see specific wildlife (although this is something you don’t have much control over). Your goals can change as your experience with hiking changes. In the beginning, it is important to be realistic about your abilities and optimistic about your expectations for the trip.

Take Precautions

Nature can be dangerous. Take the fear out of that first hike by taking precautions. Wear comfortable shoes with a thick sole that you’ve already broken in, and when it comes to food and water, always pack a little more than necessary. Also, plan for rain even if you’re promised clear skies. Being prepared for the unexpected offers peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your hike. If you are hiking to escape some of your worries, don’t welcome those worries or new ones into your hike. As a beginner, research the best way to prepare by reading these hiking tips. When you get out there, you will know you are ready to face anything.

Phone a Friend

Always make sure to tell someone where you are headed, or better yet, invite them along. Experienced partners can enhance your experience so seek advice from fellow hikers as much as you can. The hobby is as much about spending time with each other as it is about spending time with nature. There are also many online sites like Where is Simon? that provide hiking tips and tricks and help the future generation of hikers start their journeys.

See the Good

If you are looking for a reason to dislike hiking, you will find it. Understanding that, a little bit of joy goes a long way. When you are out on the trails, focus on the world around you and not the path ahead of you. Make a mental list of each happy moment. A positive attitude equals a positive experience.


Hiking can open you up to a new life, and getting started is easier than you think. Following these hiking tips and tricks can take away any stress and help you focus on your goals and your overall experience.


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